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Choosing the right school for your child is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. When you admit your child to Jain Public School Bangalore, you can be rest assured that you have made the right choice, as JPS is committed to academic excellence, holistic development and value based education with a pragmatic approach. JPS aims to bring out global citizens by nurturing their intellectual, creative and social development skills.

We focus on holistic development and inculcating core values and skills.

At JPS ,we believe that education is not just about academic performance, but also

  • Developing student’s social, emotional and practical skills.
  • Teaching students how to think for themselves, be independent and speak their truth.
  • Focusing on giving students problem – solving skills rather than showing them predefined paths to solutions.
  • Making students responsible for their learning rather than taking responsibility for their learning.
  • Leading students by example rather than leading them by the hand.