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Commitment to parents

Our Objectives

  • To encourage the Jainites to develop a passion for learning
  • To provide unparalleled academic excellence, based on values of Life Skill
  • To help students realize their role as a responsible citizen towards the society
  • To make students aware of our rich cultural heritage
  • To help every child become an extraordinary and empowered human being, with a strong sense of confidence and belief in self

Our commitment to parents

We walk that extra mile to ensure that your child grows up to be an enlightened, enthusiastic, empowered global citizen with a high emotional and intelligence quotient.

Our endeavors are focused on grooming the students to:
  • Be socially and emotionally developed
  • Display courage of conviction
The traits we wish to imbibe into their personality are:
  • Humility, empathy and kindness
  • Uprightness and honesty
  • Confidence and critical thinking
  • Diligence and collaboration

We are ever grateful to our parent community for joining hands with us in creating an atmosphere of excellence. We acknowledge their invaluable contribution and support in helping us enhance leadership and collaborative skills. Parents have an access to communicate with the school via various platforms.