Academic Curriculum

Jain Public School has programmed a diverse and specialized curriculum which helps the child to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Curriculum development is therefore a permanent feature of JPS.Innovations are encouraged for an effective symbiotic relationship between teaching and learning to help imbibe the different perspectives within each subject area.


The Junior School has a dynamic environment in which leads to significant development in physical, emotional and intellectual growth. These are the 'Foundation Years' during which early linguistic skills, creative play, physical fitness and social skills are inculcated. This is the phase when a sense of identity takes shape.

Students of Kindergarten develop fine motor skills, auditory visual discrimination, hand-eye co-ordination, one-to-one correspondence and logical thinking. Activities are conducted to enhance children observation skills, quantitative analysis and sequencing.

In Kindergarten more emphasis is given on reading which helps to increase the vocabulary of students. Children start framing simple sentences, which brings out their creative writing skills. Mathematics and Science are dealt with interactive sessions where discussions from the child are encouraged and emphasized. Craft activities, storytelling, poetry recitation, singing, drama and dance, are a part of the Kindergarten programme.

The Primary School Grade 1 - 5

As primary schooling is a time of multi-dimensional learning, we begin to introduce them progressively to the world of integrated knowledge, while particularly strengthening their aptitude in the core studies of English, Mathematics, General Science, and Social Science.

A wide range of classroom activities are used as stimuli for reading and writing. Appreciating the fact that computer literacy is essential in a modern world, our students are introduced to computers from class 1 to sharpen their analytical skills. Children also start using the Math Lab from Class 1. We encourage students in the primary school to do various projects in Environmental Science appreciating the cultural diversity, History and Geography of our planet. Physical training classes are conducted to develop their agility and fitness. Art and music classes create an awareness and appreciation of these creative forms.

Establishing worthwhile work habits, persistence, independence, time management, and an appreciation for value of learning by oneself begins early in the schooling process at JPS.

The Middle School Grade 6 - 8

Middle School students are ready to tackle deeper and more discreet subjects with an array of specialist teachers,including the challenge of additional languages.

These years are also a good time to learn discipline and skills of preparing for tests and examinations. Students are taught to handle term portions to help them gradually get trained to appear for the Board Examinations in the senior classes.

JPS middle school curriculum challenges students to understand and apply learning to the world around them.